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About Swirl

About Us


Swirl rests in the historical district of Solon with all the charm and character of which an 1850’s vintage home has to offer.  A beautiful white picket fence surrounds the spacious granite stone patio.

Swirl Wine Bar is a place to relax and unwind. When you walk in, our atmosphere will invite you to sit down and enjoy the warm, rich colors of the décor. The walls are adorned with wonderful artwork from local artists who showcase their pieces that are ready to buy right off the wall. The custom woodwork and trim show the true craftsmanship and passion that pieces Swirl Wine Bar together. Stunning marble bartops will add to your visual enjoyment.
So come on in, and warm up with your favorite beverage and our glowing fireplaces. Or in the warmer months, consider being served outdoors on our patio, enclosed by our beautiful gardens. And If you’re really up for some fun, play a game of Bocce Ball on our regulation size Bocce Court. Whether you’re into playing or watching, there will be NO shortage of Fun at Swirl Wine Bar, Solon’s Premier Libation Location.

Why Choose Swirl Wine Bar for your next gathering?

Swirl’s commitment to fine food and liquors does not change from event to event, high quality with exceptional service is provided from the moment you step through the door of our establishment. We provide the pleasure of hosting an event in a setting that makes you feel relaxed, with a touch of class from our clean-cut atmosphere, while preserving the centuries old charm the house has always instilled. We invite you into our home to be Wined and Dined.


Swirl Wine Bar’s Mission is to enrich the lives of our guests, employees and owners. We do this by providing exceptional customer service to our patrons.  Quality food, wine, beer, and liquor, are top priorities. We strive to treat employees like family and customers as guests in our home.

Hours Of Operation

Swirl Wine Bar is OPEN Monday-Saturday

Bar Opens at 11:30 for lunch Tues,Weds,Thurs,Fri.

Bar Closes at between 12am-1am* 

Happy Hour at 4-6pm M-F 

 Closed Sundays

*May Change Without Notice

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